Last month, in honor of Father's Day, Jeff Musial, the Animal Guy, decided to give Jimmy Fallon an extra-special gift. It came in the form of an 11,000 pound Asian elephant named Roxie. That's right, Musial paraded a five-and-a-half ton elephant onto the Tonight Show stage.

Elephants, Musial explained, are rapidly declining in numbers and there's a great need to ramp up conservation efforts for these majestic, gentle giants.

After feeding the elephant various fruits (according to Musial, elephants can eat as much as 300 pounds of food a day) and having her gently smash a watermelon underfoot, Musial asked Fallon if he wanted to get a ride from an elephant. Naturally, Fallon couldn't say no, and, well watch to the end and see how the "ride" went!

Jeff Musial is bringing his animal act right here to Rochester on Sunday, September 21 for a show that promises to be fun for the whole family.