You've probably noticed that there are some huge staff and supply shortages in Minnesota right now.  Multiple restaurants in Rochester have been closing early or not even open several days of the week and have signs posted on their doors.  Unfortunately, people are showing their true selves and Minnesota Nice has seemed to fade away a bit and one bakery in our state has had enough.

A Minnesota bakery has a few words for the people yelling and swearing at them.

Something Sweet by Maddie Lu, an amazing bakery in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has had its share of rude customers lately yelling and swearing at them.  They got real and raw and shared their emotions with a few choice words on their Facebook page for all of the "Karens" in Minnesota.

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We are tired and we are trying our best.

To the customer who was upset at the macaron selection we had today, I’m sorry. Our macaron team has been so short staffed and a piece of our equipment broke last week and is still not fixed. We’re doing our best.

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To the lady who came into the bakery yesterday demanding a vanilla cake with blue frosting RIGHT NOW, I’m sorry. That’s not how things work. Then you proceed to scream “YOU GUYS SUCK” because you forgot to order your sons birthday cake and we couldn’t make it in 10 minutes, I hope that you’re sorry.

To the person who didn’t place their order 2 weeks in advance and cussed us out because “we could do it with that short of notice last time” I am sorry. I am sorry that I don’t have enough hours in a day to accommodate every person who didn’t get their order in on time, even though I really want to. I am tired.

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To the customer who complained that our cakes were too expensive, I am sorry. My ingredient and Sysco bills every week are too expensive. My ingredient prices are going up by the week. 80+ dollars for 16 ounces of pure vanilla extract (because I refuse to serve my paying customers fake garbage), mind you 16 ounces is TWO CUPS. Two. Cups. $80.00. 1 cup goes into each batch of buttercream.

To the person who got upset about our delivery prices, I’m sorry. Gas is over $3.00 a gallon, our delivery truck is a utility van that doesn’t get great gas mileage, and mind you, I still have to pay my staff their hourly wage to get your products there safe and in one piece.

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To the customer who complained that our cupcakes didn’t look as pretty as the other times they had come in, I am sorry. We are struggling to find staff right now, so we have been training people who didn’t even apply to frost cupcakes, to do so. They are doing their best. They are tired.

Moral of the story? We are ALL doing our best. At Something Sweet, at Costco, at Target, at Starbucks, at the Gas Station, the car wash, the boutiques down town, the local ice cream shop, retail workers, restaurants. We’re all trying our best. We are all tired. We are all working so much more than we want to be. Stop being a$$h@les. The entire world is short staffed. The entire world is struggling.

Be kind and STAY SWEET.

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Truly thankful for those who are showing up each day and working hard at their jobs.  A few weeks ago, I asked you who has the best customer service in Rochester and below are the top picks in town.  If there is someone you'd like to give a shoutout to that deserves a great big "thank you!" on-air? Let me know over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or send me an e-mail to

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