There are several people standing on street corners in the area asking for help.  Unfortunately, because of some of the stories that we hear of people standing there and basically conning people to get free money, it's sometimes hard to give because they might be doing just that.  But what if they aren't conning you?  What if they really do need the help?  Sometimes it might be better to buy them a meal, or give them something other than money.

Brooklyn Center Liquor Store Facebook page
Brooklyn Center Liquor Store Facebook page

That is exactly what happened this past week in Brooklyn Center.  Brooklyn Center Liquor employee at saw a man who was wearing cardboard boxes for shoes.  Obviously he needed some help.  Ta Leia Thomas, who goes by the nickname "Ace" told KARE 11 that she didn't care about her shoes, she just cared about him, as she didn't hesitate to give him the shoes she was wearing.  And these weren't just any shoes. They were  her Retro Black and Purple Air Jordans, purple to represent her favorite Minnesota team, the Vikings.

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The manager at Brooklyn Center Liquor, Tom Agnes, says he came to work and noticed Ace working in her stockings... no shoes.  He asked why she didn't have any shoes on.  Thomas explained why she didn't have any shoes on and Agnes had this to say about her selfless act to WCCO

"This is a true example of empathy, compassion, and holiday cheer."

Agnes told WCCO that he raised $450 to buy Thomas a new pair of shoes as a replacement but later found out that Thomas is taking care of her mother, who is in need of a new bed. Agnes said he gave Thomas the cash instead so that she could use it to buy a bed.

A representative from the Minnesota Vikings commented to KARE 11 that they are aware of what happened and is aware of the connection to the Vikings.  They are working on ways to celebrate her generosity.  They first saw the story on Brooklyn Center Liquor's Facebook page.  

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