This morning we were talking about The Food You Shouldn't Have Eaten. It all started with this guy, who LOVES Crystal Pepsi (careful, he throws up in the video)...

The screen shot for the video is just too icky to just post the video, so click the pic to see the guy chug a 20-year-old Pepsi, and then get sick. 

Well, yesterday he got a letter from Pepsi thanking him for being so enthusiastic and hinting Crystal Pepsi may be making a comeback (they said, "...we think you'll be happy with what's in store."

Because he throws up in the video (who wouldn't drinking a 20-year-old beverage), I told the story of the friend that guzzled some milk at my house...without checking the expiration date. Bad bad BAD scene. And, funny.

What'd you eat that you shouldn't have?