Last year the Minnesota Zoo hosted a really cool event called Nature Illuminated. Because the event was so incredibly popular, it is back again this year, but with one small change.

Nature Illuminated features a bunch of massive, lit-up zoo animals that you can admire from the comfort of your car. I didn't go last year based on pictures I've seen, these things are seriously huge. During your drive around the zoo, you'll also be accompanied by narration along the way.

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Credit: Kara Swanson

Something new for this year's Nature Illuminated, though, is that there will now be a walk-through option. Last year (the first year) it was drive-thru only because of COVID, but now that things are sort of settling down, both walk-through and drive-thru are available depending on which you prefer. However, I'm pretty sure the narration is only available for the drive-thru option, so if you'd like the narration experience, the drive-thru option is for you.

Credit: Aimee Hegge Ahnemann

Nature Illuminated will be taking place from December 2nd through January 16th and tickets vary depending on if you are doing the drive-thru or walk-through and which day you get tickets for.

Credit: Aimee Hegge Ahnemann

If you'd like to do the drive-thru with the narration, that will cost you $35-$60 per vehicle. If would rather do the walk-through experience, those tickets are $14-$20 per person. You can find more ticket details and can purchase tickets HERE.

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