It is embarrassingly unkind. A Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist attacked Twin Cities KARE-11 journalist Jana Shortal for wearing jeans while reporting on the Jacob Wetterling story. Who does that? 

In a Strib column that has since been deleted by the paper (but, thanks to the internet machine, can be seen here), the columnist said...

She looked great from the waist up in a polka-dot shirt and cool blazer, but the skinny jeans did not work. I was among a number of media types who found them inappropriate and, given the gravity of the day’s subject matter, downright jarring.

Did the columnist really not notice anything but the pants? Does a reporter covering a story (a story she's covered from the very beginning), need to adhere to a dress code to make sure the news sounds good, or is this just a petty, vile attack on a person for the sake of attention and clicks?

The paper took the column down saying,

But really, if it didn't meet the standards of the Star Tribune, why did it get past the editors? I call bologna. Ugh.

Oh, and the columnist went after her on Twitter, too, but Jana toasted her...