Facebook, with their vast array of computery doo-dads, has almost constantly failed at one thing.

OK, that's a lie. Two things. They rarely pick friends correctly, too.

But seriously...look at the picture. I went to the Frank-N-Steins Facebook page so I could check 'em out. A listener said I should try their fries, so there I was, liking the page. And boom...

Lingerie Diva.

I don't spend any time perusing lingerie pages, social media accounts, or anything like that. When it comes to "Friends you may know" or whatever they call it...I almost never know two-thirds of the names. And a ton are people with whom I may have ONE friend in common.

So, Facebook. What's the deal? Why you gotta be this way? I pay attention to you, and your rules, couldn't you spend a little time getting to know me. That's what your whole gig is. So, why am I the one standing against the wall at the great middle school dance of Facebook?

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