This weekend we celebrate the one anniversary you cannot touch. Hands off. Just look, don't touch. There's a rumor we have to look at, but first, this morning, it was Shakespeare Man and MC Hammer on the show!

What's the rumoer? Well, first, I'm talking about MC Hammer and the Anniversary of his July 30th, 2016 performance at Northern Lights Casino, in Walker, MN!  It wasn't his first time in Minnesota, that was in 1990 at the Met Center, but it was the only one that is rumored to have contained a cameo by Drake!

MC Hammer
Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images

I got the rumor from a golfer last night at the Chamber Golf Outing. He says he was working sound for that concert and says Drake definitely showed up on stage. I checked his claim. According to Wikipedia,  "On July 23, Drake announced that he was working on a new project, scheduled to be released in early 2017..." Did Drake need some Hammertime seven days later? It is possible, I suppose, but why? To work out some kinks on the project he was working on?

If it did happen, there is ZERO evidence to prove it. No setlist is available, no pictures of Hammer and Drake (and that'd be the kinda thing to get posted, right?).

It looks like the guy was making it up just to mess with me.'d be pretty cool if it did happen. So, were you there? Until I hear differently, consider this rumor busted! IT did not happen.

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