Sometimes we forget how much cool stuff is less than an hour away from us...and a quick hour drive to Wabasha is a great way to spend the day when the relatives are in town and want to get out of the house.

My brother, his wife, and their son Bill were here and we were in the same situation. They've been in Rochester before, so what could we do they haven't done before? We hit the road and headed for the National Eager Center in Wabasha!

They do programs every day where you can see their bald and golden eagle ambassadors, learn all about the eagles, hear the stories of how they ended up at the center, and, the coolest part for almost everyone, watch them eat. Hint: They don't eat bird seed.

We were too late for the program, but in the Eagle Display area, we watched one


eating, and another take a bath (SO cool the way he kept flerfing his feathers to dry out), wile a woman there talked about the eagles and answered any questions we had.

Plus there's a ton of hands-on exhibits for kids, awesome artwork, and telescopes all over the place to spot the winged awesomeness on and across the river!

They're open every day and admission is $10, youth (4–17): $7, 3 & Under is free.
Closed the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday

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