Here's to you Mr. World Series Double Fister. We salute your willingness to offer up your body rather than drop a beer in the name of catching a home run ball hit during the World Series. Not only does he not spill a drop as he stares that ball down, he claims he didn't even feel a thing when it hit him too! 

Ladies, you may not be able to resist Jeff Adams after watching this video showing what a real guy looks like when staring down a home run rocket holding two Bud Lights during the World Series.

  After the game in D.C. a local Fox affiliate was able to get the guy's name and his take on being drilled by the home run ball. You know what, he claims he didn't even feel a thing!  

I'd like to think a Twins fan in this situation would have done the same thing, but I'm not sure. Maybe next year a Twins fan will be put in this situation and we can then judge the results.

Bud Light also tweeted out it wanted to reward this man's man. No word on what he will get, or if they have indeed gotten ahold of Jeff.

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