What is this world coming to? This is what happens when someone tries to do a good deed?

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the criminal complaint says that right before 11 pm on Monday night, a woman had watched two women steal a man's wallet while they were near Martha's Cookie Stand. The woman said she followed the two women telling them to give the man back his wallet.

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Apparently, they didn't like the fact that she was harassing them, after all, they took it, and I guess that means it's their property now, right?  The two women proceeded to attack her and her sister in law.

The woman's husband stepped in to protect her, when two men jumped in and assaulted him.

According to the complaint, the man had head injuries, and was unable to identify the attackers when Police tried to interview him at the hospital.

There were apparently witnesses standing around that were not involved that identified the two men, and said they his attackers actually picked up the woman's husband and slammed him on the ground, and then kicked and stomped on his head. The men said they were just trying to break up the fight and didn't hurt him. One of the men has prior convictions and both of them are appearing in court today, according to the article.

How would you have handled this any different? I guess if I saw a Police Officer I would have called them over and told them what happened, but maybe there wasn't anyone. I understand why she was following the women, and I guess I would have though that they would have thrown it on the ground and took off running, but they didn't. They assaulted the woman for trying to do the right thing. How do we fix a problem like this? Why do people feel so entitled to take things that don't belong to them? I still don't understand.  All I can say is continue to try and do good in the world, because if WE don't, this is what our children have to look forward to in the future.


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