There is something wonderful about awful TV commercials. You can't stand 'em, yet you can't stop watching them.

I got stuck in a YouTube rabbit hole because of a non-radio friend in Norfolk, VA. She sees the lawyer guy up there and laughs every time. Her daughter hates it, but every time it's on, she yells to her mom, "Mom!  The Hammer is on!" Watch it and you'll see and soon you'll be saying, "CASHHHHH!"

This next one comes from a listener who sent it in via our Facebook page. She said...

This guy sells cars in Kentucky and Nashville. He never knows what he's talking about. It is AWESOME!

Alyssa called and told me to search Butt Drugs. I asked her if it was good, and she said, "Good really isn't the right word.: She's right.

And then there's this. Sent using the messenger in the Y-105FM app, Terrel said he has no idea where this store is, but he has it saved as a favorite on his browser for at least a year. .

Bobby! We need a commercial concept to sell car insurance!

- I see an eagle!

Good! Eagles are America!

- I see two hot women driving on a road,

Great! Hot women are America!

- And I see the eagle laying an egg on the car!

BRILLIANT, Bobby! Get it done today!

((end scene))

And finally, a bonus local commercial. Minnesota's own, Fancy Ray! I'llbe honest, I love these. So so much!

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