You had me at "shiplap".  Yep...if you are a Fixer Upper fan, I just found your new favorite store.

My house has been in the process of being transformed from a 70's beauty to a gorgeous Modern Farmhouse design.  Our projects have been big, costly, and time-consuming, but that's remodeling, right?!  To finish the Modern Farmhouse look on our main floor, there is one wall just waiting for the perfect shiplap.  Thanks to someone showing off their reclaimed wood project on Facebook, I found out that there is a place about an hour from Rochester that reclaims wood and other items...and they have shiplap.

Used Anew is located in Sparta, Wisconsin, and according to their Facebook page, they have a mission "to slow the needless waste of good building materials that would otherwise be burned, buried or headed for the landfill, by deconstructing unwanted buildings piece by piece, and putting those materials, and quality products made from them, in the hands of others who will enjoy them. Using reclaimed materials has a positive impact on the environment, saving trees and other raw materials and the energy required to produce and transport them."

Barn doors, reclaimed wood for tables and walls, beams...I'm basically in heaven.  Before you buy new, take a peek at what Used Anew has available and see if you can repurpose any of their items in your next project.

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