Have you ever had to forgive someone for doing something you never thought you could ever forget? 

The University of St. Andrews just did a study on forgiveness, and they found, that the art of forgiving actually makes it easier to forget.  Difficult as is is sometimes, psychologists discovered that it is best to do both.  They began their study trying to find a link between the two.

I've always felt that you can forgive, but you may never truly forget.  It's interesting to see that their results  say first forgive and that makes it easier.  I would think, depending on what it is, if you can get to the point where you forgive, well then, it probably is only a matter of time that you forget.  It's hard to remember something, think back to something you learned in math class, for example.  Years later, with no use, you may not remember the quadratic formula.  If you use it everyday then, well, you know it.  It makes sense to me that if you don't think about something, eventually you will forget it.