Round 2!  A woman from Minneapolis is back on Jeopardy - and she is also a huge TImberwolves fan. She even has a cat named Naz Reid! After one of the players for the Timberwolves.

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She first posted on X (Twitter) that she was going to be back on the show - but she also said that there would be "no spoilers".  I'm sure they have to sign an NDA and would be in breach of contract if they did say anything.  But wouldn't that be difficult if you actually won some significant money and then you weren't able to disclose any of that to anyone?

From Bring Me the News:

"Your girl was lucky enough to be invited back for a play-in game and a chance at a spot in the [Jeopardy!] Second Chance tournament! No spoilers tho!" she wrote.

The show actually tapes 5 shows in one day.  So even if you do make it through say 20+ shows, you could potentially do that within one week.  So, it wouldn't be that obvious to anyone else... other than someone who you brought along to be at the show.

The funny thing about Jeopardy is that the contestants many times are so smart about things that you would either read about or learn in a history class or something like that.  You hit them with any sort of pop culture information and many times they are completely stumped.  That's when if you are watching the show and playing along, you can feel smart if you answer those questions correctly.  I'm sure that the pressure really can get to you when trying to answer questions  - ringing in before anyone else and answering correctly within the time frame.

Hopefully Anji Nyquist will do well and will advance to the "second chance tournament".  Always cool to see someone from the home state on these game shows, and even better if they win some decent money.  Good Luck!!

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