Can we just stop and appreciate how amazing this is? Also, can I buy one? You hear of it happening entirely too often. This time of year is prime (no pun intended) for porch pirates to get out on the prowl. A former NASA engineer and now YouTube personality invented a way to fight back, and it's brilliant!

His name is Mark Rober. According to his YouTube bio, he has a master's degree in mechanical engineering and spent nine years working for NASA. He recently took his experience to a whole new level and created a legit glitter bomb. But wait, there's more. The package also douses the thief with fart spray and records the whole reaction. Plus, it has GPS so he can recover it after it does its duty.

Fortunately, he shared this goodness with all of us, and it is definitely worth checking out. P.S. fast-forward to the end to check out all the reactions.

Have you ever sought revenge on a porch pirate? How so?

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