Seeing this story made me realize, people need help with their selfies!

SAN DIEGO -- A local man who was nearly killed while trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake racked up a whopping $150,000 hospital bill.

There's no reason to run up a bill like that, taking a selfie can be easy and snake free! Here's my four and a half tips for a better selfie.

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    Hold the Camera Far Enough Away

    Unless you're going for the artistic/emo look, hold the camera far enough away that you can see your whole head, but, not so far away that you're straining. Your face will show the strain, and we'll think you're pooping. Also, looking at the camera will help you connect with the viewer.

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    Check your background!

    Is your dirty underwear on a lamp? Does that tree branch look like an alien hand growing outta your skull? Is there a photo-bomber? Look for nice  backgrounds, and your backgrounds will be nice to you. Bonus points for selfies with large beasts in the background (in this case, he was photobombing me, but it worked out).

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    You Can Be Funny!

    Good selfographers know as selfie can be more than sexy or serious. A selfie can be funny, so have fun! If something amuses you, make it a selfie. Posters are great for this.

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    What Was that Word?

    Did you notice that I used "selfographer"? That's because I rule! I also rule because I fill up the frame. The entire frame of the picture is your canvas...use it all.