A study was done recently to determine the average number of birds that die each year due to colliding with the glass at US Bank Stadium. The study shows that about 111 birds die each year because of this, mainly during migration season. Now, stadium authorities are looking into ways to fix this.

There are four options being considered, according to WCCO:

1. Putting a film over the highly reflective glass.

2. Limiting bright lights in the stadium at night.

3. Moving or getting rid of trees and other plants "since the reflections seem to confuse the birds."

4. Adjusting things such as "lighting during certain weather and the migration season."

According to the study that I mentioned earlier, US Bank Stadium causes the third most bird deaths in the city. The names of the top two were not released. WCCO writes that "Rob Schultz, of Audubon Minnesota, said they want to address the stadium first and details on the others will follow."

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