The forgotten sport? Maybe you can find out for yourself!

This sport is a combination of golf and regular frisbee. It can be good exercise, somewhat competitive and fun with friends or family!

All you need is a special frisbee golf disc, which makes it a very inexpensive sport. A number of years ago, my husband was a Rochester frisbee golf Champion!

Check out the frisbee golf courses in Rochester and the surrounding area. Here are a few descriptions found on the website:

East Park
Description: Fairly flat, with a large number of mature trees and evergreens; little to no underbrush. Dual tees. Number of holes: 9, Tee Material: Concrete

Slatterly Park
Description: Fairly flat city park with many mature and small trees; no underbrush. Course bounded by heavy woods,and a creek.
Dual tees. Walking/biking trail.
Holes: 9, Tee Material: Concrete

IBM Woodside Park
Private Course
Description: Weaves through picnic and recreation area. Nicely mowed grass and mature trees.
Holes: 9, Tee Material: Concrete

There is even a Rochester frisbee golf league!
Come out on out and give it a try!

Handicap Singles:
Monday 6 pm IBM Woodside Park

Random Draw Doubles:
Tuesday 6 pm Slatterly Park
Wednesday 6 pm East Park

According to my husband, a serious frisbee golf pro, this is a great summer activity and it only takes about 30 minutes to play a course!