According to Gas Buddy, Red Wing, MN is seeing gas as low as 94/95 cents a gallon (as of this writing)...and it'll probably go lower than that! How low? Let's find out.

A combination of two things have brought us gas prices we haven't seen in a long long time. An oil production war between OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and Russia have pushed the price per barrel super low.

CREDIT: Gas Buddy. Click for link.
CREDIT: Gas Buddy. Click for link.

The second thing is supply vs demand. The Coronavirus and sheltering in place, social distancing, etc, have cut our driving down a lot. A LOT. So, with a big supply of gas, but not much demand, the prices go down.

How low could they go? Gas Buddy says as low as seventy-five cents a gallon!

It's kinda dry, but the info is here in this video.

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