My attendance for this years 'Thursday's On First & 3rd' has been perfect!  Tomorrow I'm going to be enjoying some music rom Annie Mack and Proverbial on the First Avenue Stage.  I hope to see you there for the free fun downtown in Roch - and let's all hope that the weather stays nice for everything and the rain stays away!  

Annie Mack has played quite a bit in the area, and maybe you've had the chance to see her live.  I have a few times, always enjoyed it! She does a fantastic job of bringing the blues and soul to life before your eyes.  Here is a video of one of her performances just in case if you are not familiar with her:

Proverbial is a band that is also playing on the first avenue stage, and they will entertain everyone with a mixture of reggae, hip-hop, rock, and soul.  They travel all over the United States and will be fresh off the road from a show in Chicago.  Let's all welcome them to Rochester for Thursdays On First & 3rd!  I am sure it will be fantastic.  Here is a sample of their music: