Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Excellent, then you'll love the newest giant tub o'stuff at Costco. This time it's Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. In the past, they brought out a giant tub o'mac and cheese and Nutella. Now its time for 76-ounces of o'everyone's favorite naughty food to eat raw. Cookie dough!

An Instagram account (scroll down to see) and another sharp-eyed shopper said they saw Tollhouse Cookies by the tub, too. Either way, the price seems pretty good, $7.89 for 76 ounces. And you can freeze the tub o'love for two months.

If you make your cookies 1oz each, then you'll get 76 cookies. If you like to hear it by the dozens, that's about 6 dozen, plus a few more. If you like to hear it in song, then. "A loooot of cookies for youuuuuu!"

No word on how long they'll be selling 'em, and I couldn't find them on Does this mean they don't actually exist? Nope. They exist. And are ready to make your house smell amazing!  UH-MAY-ZING!

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