I think we would all agree a common parenting mistake is forcing kids to grow up too quickly.  No judgement here; we all do the best we can every day and sometimes we look back and think "I probably shouldn't have..." (fill in the blank with your parenting regret of the moment.)

Halloween is one of those holidays that used to be for kids only, until the adults decided they needed an excuse to dress up in slutty costumes and get drunk.  Thanks adults!!!

So when a 14 year old decides he or she wants to dress up with some of the kids in the neighborhood they used to play with, re-create some fun kid memories and go trick-or-treating, I say GIVE THEM SOME CANDY!  Reward their decision to hold onto their childhood for just a little bit longer.

For that matter, if YOU want to dress up and go trick-or-treating, I say go for it!

What do YOU say?