Did you know October is Vegetarian Awareness Month? True Story! So, here's something to try, courtesy the Vegan Stoner. Vegan tater tot hot dish


First, let me say this is SO good. SO good. IT does NOT taste like the tater tot hot dish you know, so maybe we should call it Tater-fu Hot Dish, but it is a magnificent thing. I'm eating it all week for breakfast!

The recipe above is kinda vague, but I used a whole bag of peas and carrots. And it was my first time making a "cheese" sauce out of cauliflower, so I kinda played it by ear. You want to end up with something cheese saucey that doesn't taste at all like cheese (but tastes really good).

Over in Idaho, my girlfriend made this with lentils instead of tofu and said it was great, so it doesn't HAVE to be tofu.

In the end, you get vegan comfort food that is really good. I will definitely make this again.

NOTE: If you have vegetarians in your life, and end up giving 'em steamed veggies and cheese, the Vegan Stoner site is your best friend. Easy, quick, recipes that taste so good!

WARNING: After a week of eating Tater-Fu Hot Dish, toots will be plentiful!