James blogged about a Tater Tot Tofu Hotdish he made, (read all about it here). I tried it. Honestly, it wasn't bad, but...really?!  I feel a "this is NOT Tater Tot Hotdish rebuttal is required. 

James Rabe's lady friend is a vegetarian, so he's always looking for new vegetarian dishes. I think that's awesome, it's a healthy way to eat! But tater tot hotdish? Really, James? There's so many ways that that's not right. Thanks to the listeners that sent in pictures to help me make my point.

First, it doesn't even look right. THIS is how TTHD should look...

Second, Rabe's hotdish is a mish-mosh of tater tots. Everyone knows you're supposed to create an eye pleasing array of tots. See? Eye pleasing.

Finally...I tried it. Had a whole serving. It's nommy. But I did not sit back, pat my filled belly, and say, "Wow...that is some darn fine comfort food."

You know why I didn't do that? Because only authentic TTHD can give you that wonderful too-full feeling. You'll NEVER get that with tofo. I think it digests faster than air. And with James, that air heads straight to tootville. ((shudder)) Sorry. Too much. James has turned me into a 12 year old. ((sigh))

Also, no cheese! NO CHEESE! No cheese? NO CHEESE! 

So, in summary...TTTHD is good, but the only thing it has in common with TTHD is the TT.

Thank you very much, have a nice day, and thanks for listening.