Each weekday morning at 6:08 and 9:20 I feature the Good News on the Y-105 Early Morning Show. A blast of goodness to start your day, and today there was no way to avoid feeling good when I hauled out the puppy train!

OK, it's way more than a puppy train. 80-year-old Eugene Bostick has a farm on a dead-end street in Fort Worth, Texas. A few years ago he noticed a lot of dogs were being abandoned on his dead end street.

He and his brother started taking 'em in, had 'em spayed and neutered, and now, he has about 8 dogs and decided to have some fun with it.

He made a dog train for the dogs! Not just for fun, but to get 'em around town, too. He put wheels on the bottom of eight barrels, and cut holes in the tops so the dogs could sit in them. Then he hooked them all up to his riding mower, and drove them around town, each dog in his own little compartment.

They love it (what dog wouldn't love cruising around town in their own convertible, right?!), and whenever they hear him hooking the barrels up to his mower, they run over and jump in.