I offer up a helping of Good News every weekday morning at 6:08 and 9:20. Today's story is about a pill...one company charges $750 for it. The other charges $1!

Remember Martin Shkreli? He's the jerk-head-crap-face CEO who raised the price of a cancer drug by 5,000% last month? His company owns the patent, so another company can't make it. After all the back-lash, the JHCF CEO said he'd lower the price from $700/pill, but he hasn't followed thru on his promise. He hasn't even said when he's going to drop the price.

Well, a drug company in San Diego called Imprimis said they're going to start maknig a similar pill and it'll only cost a dollar!

Obviosly, it can't be EXACTLY the same, and it won't work for everyone, but it'll work for some, and that'll save 'em from price gouging jerk....head-crap-faces. The Imprimis CEO says they'll do the same thing with other drugs where price gouging is a thing.

However, some are saying it won't make much difference overall.