When something awful happens somewhere, we often reach out to donate money, but when it happens at home, we dig in and get the work done. That's what happened in Albert Lea, and I made it today's Good News.

A few weeks ago, on the Early Morning Show, we talked about the vandalism at Graceland Cemetery. Over 100 headstones were knocked over or smashed, and even a memorial light in the Veteran's section was damaged.

So here we are a few weeks later, and ABC 6 News has a story about people doing what needs to be done. People from the community got together and helped put things right. And that's something I just love about living here in Southeastern Minnesota. We get together, and we help.

I can't imagine what would drive two or three people to do the damage they did. It's a grim reminder of how painful and wrong it is to ruin something sacred to another.