There are so many little rewards in life. A cup of coffee. An ice cream cone. Tracy McCray's senior picture where she's holding a fox. And now, this...a fix trying to climb a slide! What? You want to see the Tracy McCray Fox Picture? You bet!

Scroll on down to see Tracy's amazing senior portrait, but not too quickly because this li'l foxy loxy is pretty amazing, too. .

It's cute when kids try this and even cuter when a baby animal can't figure it out, either.

And if this isn't a metaphor for life, we don't know what is. You constantly try to climb your way to a better position only to fall back down, but keep giving it a go. He's a fighter and one day he's going to put it all together. World, you'd better watch out.

And speaking of watching out....Tracy McCray posed for a senior portrait with a fox. Don't believe me? Just watch!

Tracy McCray and Fox

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