Sunday was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon and I have no idea who was the overall winner. Coulda been my brother, coulda been the Mayor Brede, heck it coulda been the Pope…who knows? Not me, because my attention is on 92-year-old Harriette Thompson. She ran it in 7 hours, 24 minutes, 36 seconds and became the oldest woman to run a marathon.

Thompson used to be a concert pianist, and even played at Carnegie Hall three times. And now she runs marathons…tho she didn’t start until she was 76.

Why she’s run. Well, she’s survived cancer twice, and so runs to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So far, she’s raised more than $90,000! How’s she do it? She said…

“I hit up all the people in my retirement home…every year I write them a (thank you) note and say ‘I think this is my last year.’ Then I do another one.”

Oh, and she reminds you to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you wanna do it on behalf of Team Harriette, visit her fundraising page.