People laugh and say Minnesota Nice is really Minnesota Passive Aggressive. And sure, sometimes they're right, but not this time. This time someone made a small, kind gesture only folks 'round the snowy parts would understand and NOT find an invasion of privacy.

It's a snowy night, two friends meet up, one of them arrives on a bike, and off they go, leaving the bike rider's mittens on the bike. As the friends spend time together, the snow keeps falling, covering the bike in a lovely layer of snow. But the mittens? Ugh. They'll be snow covered and, worse, wet. A fun ride home was not in the future.

Until...a stranger walked by, saw the mittens, shook 'em off, put 'em in a plastic bag, and went on their way. A random act of kindness.

A small, but a kind gesture reminding me...reminding us, it's going to be OK.

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