I'm sorry to see another good restaurant close up, and the Rainbow Cafe was definitely a gem in the area. But even worse, it didn't have to close. Here's the deal...

According to this story, the current owners, Jennifer Richards and Jeremy Olson, bought it eight years ago, and because they have a child they'd like to see more often (a restaurant keeps you busy, you know?), they put the place up for sale and have two jobs lined up at Rochester restaurants.

But  no one bought it. Since 1942 it's been The Rainbow Cafe, and now it's just closed because no one wanted to buy it? That's a shame. I don't know the business side of it, I say it's a shame from the human and community side of it.

Small town restaurants are more than just restaurants. They're a place for people to gather, to have meetings, to start romances...end romances...and see your friends and family. To celebrate, and to commiserate.

And the food was great! The best mac and cheese, French Dips, and so much more. Oh, their home-made potato chips were perfect. I could go on and on. So I'm sorry to see it close, but I'm also annoyed that no one wanted to buy it. Did it have to close? I guess it did. I hope, tho, someone comes along and brings it back to life.

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