Most people don't like change. So when Google changed their logo on September 1, many people disliked the new logo, as was probably to be expected. I've heard people say things like it's "too simple" or "it looks like those plastic magnet alphabet letters you put on a refrigerator." It's not the first time Google has changed their logo. In fact, they've changed it multiple times in their 17 year existence.

(Google original logo- YouTube)
(Google original logo- YouTube)


If you don't know the history of Google, you should "Google" it. (Yep, I used the word as the verb it has now become). Google started out as a research project by a couple of PhD students at Stanford in 1996 and it was first called "Back Rub". In 1997, they changed the name to Google and it became a private company in 1998. As legend has it, the young company was taking up too much time and distracting those two students from their academic studies, so they offered to sell it to the CEO of Excite for $1 million. He turned them down. (Do you think he regrets that decision today?)

Anyway, they kept it going and the company grew. Today, Google is the most visited website in the world and the giant search-engine company is worth nearly $400 billion! The Google empire includes other well-known brands, as well, including G-mail, Drive, Chrome, YouTube, Blogger, Android, Nexus and more. Last month it was announced that all those companies, including Google, would reorganized under one larger company called Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet? Hmm, maybe that explains the logo change to look like those "magnet alphabet letters you put on a refrigerator." Perhaps there is a method to their madness.

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