MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is calling on his political opponents to join him in building a better state.

Dayton won a second term easily over Republican Jeff Johnson on Tuesday, and in his victory speech said he's hoping Democrats keep their majority in the state House.

But his remarks allowed for the possibility that the GOP will win the chamber. Dayton says he thinks both parties want what's best for the state — they just disagree on details.

He says politicians' children and grandchildren will inherit the state, and they'll ask who made it better for them.


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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Sen. Al Franken says he's excited to get going on his second term in Washington.

Franken easily beat Republican Mike McFadden in Tuesday's election, a big contrast to the recount that required months to resolve in his favor during his first race back in 2008.

In his victory speech, Franken thanked voters for taking a chance on him back then, and doing it again on Tuesday.


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Democratic Rep. Tim Walz has won a fifth term in Congress in southern Minnesota's 1st District, defeating Blue Earth businessman Jim Hagedorn.

Walz has been a leading Democrat in the House on veterans and agricultural issues. He's a former Mankato West High School teacher and retired command sergeant major in the National Guard.

Hagedorn, whose father represented some of the same territory in Congress from 1975 until 1983, pulled off an upset win over endorsed candidate Aaron Miller in the GOP primary in August. But Hagedorn, who spent much of his career at the Treasury Department in Washington, struggled to raise money.

The 1st District runs across Minnesota's southern border and leans Republican.