The '80s were the best!  I wore my high tops with my hair in a side pony with my very colorful scrunchie and bounced all over our sidewalk on my pogo ball.  At times, if you were lucky, I even wore my headgear to school...because I was that cool. 😉

I basically looked like a geek in the 80's with my permed hair and pastel-colored clothes, but when I put the cassette tape in my boombox with my favorite song on it, I felt cool, and that's all that mattered.

We are throwing it back to the '80s over Labor Day weekend because we've been cooped up a bit with COVID-19 we think a weekend of '80's songs is exactly what our world needs right now.  Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Run DMC - so many favorites that we will be playing for you that will remind you how cool you were too.  Or not.  Thank goodness we didn't have phones with cameras on them back in the '80's!

Just like those infomercials back in the '80s...But Wait, There's More!  Leave all of that old technology in your closet because we've got all the songs for you this weekend on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety.  And I know what you are thinking right now...who would have thought in the '80s, as we were using a rotary phone, that one day you'd be able to listen to a radio station on a phone anywhere. 😲 Well, that day is now.  You can listen through the Y-105FM App anywhere you are or you could even set up the skills so you can listen on Alexa or Google Home.

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And if you want to rock some clothes that show you are a true '80's child, we've got that too. Just click here to see all of the merch we dreamed up to help celebrate the '80's.


What's your favorite song from the '80s?  I'll be hanging out in the studio playing your favorites so send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio and I'll add it to the playlist.

 Listen to Jessica Williams weekdays from 6 am until 10 am on Y105FM's Early Morning Show with James Rabe and Jessica Williams.

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