I was in Winona this weekend and had a blast, and as I was leaving, I realized I forgot my inhaler. If you're an asthmatic, you know how stressful that feeling is. Sure I can just turn around and get it, but I don't have it with me right NOW! What if I need it right NOW! I could have an attack and die because I don't have it with me RIGHT NOW!

And it was the only one I had on hand. Sometimes I'll have two, one in the car, and one in my luggage, just to be safe. But this weekend, nope. So I pulled over, called the hotel, and told 'em my problem. I was probably a bit panicky because, you know, I didn't have my inhaler right NOW! The desk clerk was calm, cool, and relaxed.

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Me: I think...I know...no, I think, well, I believe I left it on the bedbutIcan'tbesureSo ((breaths)) don't let them take the sheets off the bed or it'll be gone. ((worries I'm sounding bossy)) Sorry, I'm a little frantic.

Clerk: No worries, I'm grabbing the radio and contacting house-keeping right now (I could hear her doing it).

Me: Oh thank you...((breaths deeply)) I'm all good...I'll be back in about an hour to get it.

Clerk: Glad we can help, we'll have it here at the front desk, Mr. Rabe.

I get to the hotel, and they're at the desk, and it turns out, I'm WAY more forgetful than I thought! You gotta see this...

A huge thank you to The Plaza, in Winona.  Quick, efficient, and in the end, funny, too. PS - The couch in front of the fireplace? Most comfortable hotel-room couch I've ever experienced.

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