Sistique Boutique wanted to make Monday a little better for all of their Facebook fans. It started off as an amazing act of kindness that went South real fast. They posted a $100 Starbucks gift card to their page, telling their followers to treat themselves to a cup of coffee. Sadly, a grinch swooped in trying to ruin this for everyone. She not only helped herself to a cup of coffee but also several tumblers, completely eating up the entire gift card. What happens next, was just pure beautiful Minnesota kindness.

Sistique Boutique

"😭 Wow, I actually feel sick right now. We posted $100 to be used by our customers at 6:00 AM this morning, asking everyone to please just get one drink so there is enough to go around. Someone in Kingwood, Texas used the remaining $89.63 at 6:39 AM. I’m so sorry everyone 😭" - Sistique Boutique

One after another, the new gift cards starting coming in. Sistique's Facebook fans didn't want the act of kindness to end, so they started paying it forward. New gift cards were popping up on their page all day. There really are amazing people out there!

Sistique Boutique

The online boutique now has a brick and mortar right here in Rochester. Click here to learn more.

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