Here's a little advice to would-be grooms out there. Your wedding day is absolutely the WORST day to ever pull a prank on your bride. She's probably put about 10,000 hours into planning the event and has likely been dreaming about this special day since she was a little girl.

A guy named Joe apparently didn't get the memo. He thought it would be funny to prank his new bride Laura on their wedding day. He hired a couple of actors to portray waiters. One of them was carrying a 'fake' lookalike cake. His brilliant idea was to have the two actors bump into each other and then get into a pretend shoving match where the cake falls over and is destroyed. Laura and the guests are horrified!

After trying to compose herself from what appears to be her worst nightmare, Joe lets her in on the gag revealing that it was just a decoy cake. Hilarious, right? Not really. Supposedly Laura was a good sport about the whole thing, but something tells me that Joe should probably cool it on the pranks for a while. He's already taken the 'cake' for most ill-advised prank ever.