Josie Weber knows something about worrying. About two years ago, her grandfather was dying and needed a lunch transplant. I had a conversation with Josie's mom, Heather (at the Med City Mafia Roller Derby Bout last month), and she said grandpa and gradaughter are so close, and the love is so strong, it hurt to see the fear and worry in Josie's eyes. I asked Josie if she'd be willing to write a guest blog about she and grandfather, and here it is. A testiment to love and hope.


"My grandpa is here because of a hero. Almost two years ago my grandpa was dying from Pulmonary Fibrosis until an organ donor donated their lungs to him. I’m so thankful for her and the decision to be an organ donor. If she did not make that decision I don’t think my grandpa would be here today.

It might seem a little weird to sign up to give your organs away. When you sign up you’re saying that if you’re brain dead you are willing to give your organs away to someone who really needs them. I believe brain dead means when your mind doesn’t work anymore, but your organs still are trying to keep your body alive. When the doctors consider you brain dead they will check your blood type, what organs they can donate, and the size of them.

My grandpa was not going to make it to my 10th birthday - I don’t even think he would have made it to Christmas. In May 2016, my grandpa was admitted to the hospital. During this time I was in school and it was really tough to know your grandpa could die at any moment, or he could get the call that would hopefully save his life. My friends were so helpful even though they didn’t really say anything about it, they just hung out with me which took my mind off my grandpa.

CREDIT; Donate Life MN
CREDIT; Donate Life MN Click for link.

After school got out for the summer my very good friends and I went to the lake for the 4th of July. My grandpa was in the hospital so he could'nt come up to the lake. My grandma stayed back with him. When we came back on the fourth at around 2:00 in the afternoon my grandma called my mom. My grandma asked to talk to me.

Before I tell you about the call I need to say this, my family made guesses which date the call would happen. I was the only one left with two guesses; July 4th or July 10th.

When I answered the phone she asked me was my guess July 4th or July 10th. I said “July 4th.” My grandma said “you’re the winner.” I was so shocked I did not really get it at first, but then I handed mom the phone because I couldn’t say anything. Once my mom had the phone I started crying, then my mom asked “did he get it?!” all I could do is nod my head yes.


My mom started crying and so did my uncle who was with us at this time. We went to the hospital and waited forever. My dad and I went home later and I hadn’t had supper so my supper was Stovetop stuffing. My dad and I had like 4 hours of sleep while the rest of my family had none. Finally on July 5th the lungs came.

After the transplant he was out of the hospital in eight days. I was so proud of him but also not surprised that he was doing so well. Our donor was not a hero to everyone, but she was a hero to us and everyone who was saved by her choice. My grandpa is doing great, there has been a few tough times but it’s normal and we visit them at the lake sometimes to fish, swim, and see the fireworks on the 4th. I urge you to please sign up to be a donor."

Editors Note: The family reports Josie was the first into the hospital room to see grandpa after surgery. 

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