Every year you hear about the Festival of Trees (the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving). But do you know where your money goes? The money they raise goes to Hiawatha Homes, and so, for the next few days, we'll be featuring guest bloggers from Hiawatha. Today, meet Jeff.


"When I was younger I played in a band and we rocked. I love to play the harmonica and I am still pretty good at it. I was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury as an adult. I had to learn how to walk and talk all over again.

I needed more assistance from my family and care givers. It was important to me to be as independent as possible. I lived in my own apartment for a long time and worked in the community at the Recreation Center and had other jobs as well.

I love to socialize with others and meet new friends. This summer I went to camp and was able to go fishing which is something I have always enjoyed. The boat was accessible and it had a ramp that I went up with my electric wheelchair to get on it. I did not catch a lot of fish, but I still had a great time." (Written in 2016)




The Festival of Trees is coming the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving! Click HERE to sere what's new for kids this year!


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