And just like that, the Cowboys Super Bowl hopes have been ruined. Rule #1 in the NFL fan handbook is:

  • DO NOT under any circumstances, get a tattoo of your teams logo saying they won a future Super Bowl.

Granted, the Cowboys are doing extremely well and look unstoppable but this guy just ruined it for them.

We've seen it time and time again. Fans getting tattoos of their favorite team saying they're the Super Bowl champ only to have their team lose.

So here is Jordan Garnett's tattoo.


@jordangarnett on Twitter

Sure, I went ahead and put my favorite team on my arm but I certainly wouldn't put that they're Super Bowl 51 Champs. Not the way the Packers are playing. But I will say this, since getting my Packer tattoo, the Pack is 2-0. So...Super Bowl? Perhaps.

Matt Holt of Sacred heart Studios did an amazing job on my Packer tattoo! Thanks again, Matt!