Let's face it, You probably have a lot of time on your hands whether you like it or not, you're cooped up and you might need to blow off some steam.  Gyms are closed.  Weather isn't always cooperating.  So what can you do?

Practioners Enjoy Serenity Of Paddleboard Yoga
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You need kettle bells?  Use a milk or water jug. Works great.  Just make sure the cap is on tightly!  Small dumbbells can be substituted with some canned goods.  How about doing some other two handed weights?  Do you have a pet?  Try a bag of kitty litter or a bag of pet food.  Finally... mountain climbers  UGH!  Those dreaded things.  But yes, if you have a non-carpeted floor and a couple of hand towels, you can use those to slide your feet and execute your mountain climbers with ease... well, they are still mountain climbers, so ease might be a stretch.

But - bottom line is don't let your workouts slack, plus they are awesome stress relievers.  If you need some cardio, there are some great aps and Youtube videos to work out with.  Usually you can find a least a couple that are free and really great workouts.

We are all in this together... and as they say... this too shall pass.

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