If you are a pet owner, do you plan on finding just the right Halloween costume for them to prance around in this year? There are so many costume choices for a dog or cat, and you can even dress up a guinea pig! According to a post on www.marketwatch.com, two years ago, Americans spent about $300 million on pet costumes.

“Your pet is now seen as an extension of your family. And you’re going to spend on that pet like you spend on your son and daughter,” says National Retail Federation spokesperson Kathy Grannis.

This fascination with Halloween pet costumes seems to be getting more popular every year. PetSmart has quite a variety of costumes, even for the small animals!

Many communities also have parades and other events for pets in costumes.

Just recently, my daughter said she wanted to make Halloween costumes for her two guinea pigs. At first, I just chuckled. But, it actually seems to be a growing trend!

Let’s face it, any pet in a costume is just funny, and so cute!