Holidays are always fun, especially when you are a really young child and you get to go visit family that may be far away from you that you don't see very often.  My family is scattered all over the place, and when I was really young, we would travel for a big Easter dinner to visit our relatives and extended family. My uncle Jerry, my dad's brother, who lived a few hours from us, always had a fun activity that he worked hard on in his basement, and I can remember watching with awe all of the hard work he put into his past-time.

kim stillwell / ThinkStock

Jerry worked on this HUGE model train set, that went all the way through his basement. I bet he spent hours on that.  It ran and worked, just like that restaurant 'Little Oscar's' right off Highway 52 that used to sport that train that went around as you dined, a project of an owner years before.  Jerry had so many rail cars and little decals and signs and the track had curves and stops and it was so fascinating!

I was reminded of this memory because I see there is an event coming up not to far away from us in La Crosse.   It is a 'Railroad Flea Market, Swap Meet & Hobby Sale.'  Jerry would probably love to attend this event.   I can't say he is going to go or not, but Easter, Christmas, whatever occasion it was when we would make the trip over to his house for our big family meal, he would demonstrate to us his latest edition to his rail villages. He'd fire it up, the horns even worked, it even sounded like a real train.

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Happy Easter To Everyone!  Enjoy the moments & memories with your families!