I was walking thru Silver Lake Park, in Rochester, MN and I found a lovely site. The geese at this park are almost always active and rude. But today, there was calm, there was peace. And there was the stink eye! Watch the video...you'll see why I was getting the stink eye, I was near her babies!

A little while later, I came across the mom and dad and their kids! Well, I can't prove these baby geese were the ones I saw being incubated, but it's fun to think about and pretend. Either way, from the wary mom in the first video, to the stumbly, bumbly, super hungry baby geese in the next video...just too great.

Oh, and yeah, I know they're goslings, but baby geese is SO much more fun to say. 

Our news guy caught some longer videos of the baby geeses. See 'em here.

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