If you've got a kid who loves construction vehicles, or you are just curious what is going on by the Zumbro River in Rochester, check out this video!

Downtown Rochester is used to construction vehicles but this time, the project isn't a new building that is going up.  According to an article written by KROC AM, sediment will be removed from the Zumbro River between the Broadway and 3rd Ave bridges through the end of December.

Elcor Construction has been working on this project and have shared some great photos and videos as the work continues.  If you've got a kid that loves big trucks or construction vehicles, you will want to show them this.  I think the view from above of the project is just amazing and is a pretty cool perspective that we don't always get to see if we are just driving by.

You can see the video below - or if it doesn't pop up below for you, click here.

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