Did you get caught up in the latest scam spreading across Facebook?

I saw the Secret Sister post on Facebook a few different times this week and at first thought, "well, that would be fun to come home to free stuff in my mailbox and not bills".  I remembered all of those sticker clubs and "send this to 10 people on the list" chain letters and this post sounded a bit too familiar.  I did so many of those chain letters when I was a kid and I NEVER got anything sent to me.

I decided to do a little bit of checking to see if this Secret Sister post that is spreading on Facebook is real or not.  (You can see a sample of the post at this link or below)

According to Snopes.com and Fox59.com, this is a scam that was around a few years ago and it has resurfaced again - but it is still fake.

Now, some people are saying that if you do this with just your friends, it might actually work.  If you try it and get something in the mail, I'd love that update.

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