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If we go back in time, families used to gather around their radio to hear what we see on TV. Action, adventure, drama, romance, the whole shebang. It was written so you could see what was happen, the sound effects brought it to life, and Rochester Civic Theater is recreating that special kind of Christmas show this weekend for It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play!

How's it work? You click THIS LINK to get tickets to the show, a live stream you can enjoy in your own home (or on a walk if you're so inclined). It's being presented Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th at 7PM, then Sunday the 20th at 2PM.

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And talking about old radio, let's take a trip to way back when people used to dress fancy, even when they were casual. KROC here in Rochester, Minnesota, used to do radio just like this. See if you can identify some of the celebrities BEFORE you read the captions.

Old Time Radio

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