School feels like it is a long way away, but the end of August is coming quick, and Rochester's Best Variety is proud to partner with the United Way's Running Start for School, making sure every child in need is prepared to succeed in school, because that means they'll do better. Seriously. Check this out...

Why the big push for school supplies each year? Because research shows when kids have what they need for school, other stuff falls into place, too.

The kids...

  • have more positive feelings of self-worth
  • miss fewer days of school
  • are more attentive in class
  • have improved classroom behavior
  • achieve higher test scores in all academic subjects.

That makes sense to me. When I was embarrassed, I spent more time trying to show I didn't care, but inside, yeah, kids are kids, they hurt.

If you'd like to be involved, this year there isn't a big ol'list for Running Start for School. Just a few supplies are needed.

  • Backpacks (large size)
  • Glue Sticks (washable small)
  • 2-Pocket Folders (Blue, green, red, yellow)
  • Markers (Washable, 8-pack, broad tip)
  • Notebooks (wide ruled, spiral, one subject, same colors as folders)
  • #2 Pencils (12 pack)
  • Pencil Pouches (Zippered)
  • Crayons (24 count)
  • Highlighters (chisel tip, yellow)
  • Pens (black, blue)
Running Start for School

You can drop off supplies at Y-105FM (122 4th Street SW).

Or, even easier, shop on your phone, just text SHOP to 50503. You can also buy items on the United Way of Olmsted County website.

Join James Rabe at the ABC 6 News Stuff the Bus collection on July 29 and 30 at both Walmart North and South!

Of course, they'll need volunteers, too, sign up now to get the best spots on the United Way of Olmsted County website.