Are you smarter than a fifth grader? No, really...

From Daily Mail, a new study finds two out of three parents say they can't help their child with homework . . . because it's too hard.

Half of them say sometimes, they even quickly use Google for help without their kid knowing.  And one-third are worried their kid's teachers are judging them over the quality of their kid's homework.

The study also found the 10 school subjects parents struggle with the most . . . eight of which are related to math or science.

The top 10 are:  Algebra . . . fractions . . . trigonometry . . . the Pythagorean theorem . . . ratios . . . Roman history . . . long division . . . Civil War history . . . the periodic table of elements . . . and the formation of atoms, protons, and neutrons.

Let's just say I'm glad my son is in the last half of his senior year at college. (Whew!)

helping kids with homework